Keep in mind that I only have this here because I think shock videos and gore content are very interesting!
and I don't want to risk running into fake mirror sites while trying to find them.
(also because i may or may not find all kinds of gore interesting)

You've been warned again lol.

Why not start off with the images that sparked my interest in gore in the first place.
I was somewhat young at the time so it wasn't anything horrible or shocking.
Infact, it was something thats seen quite commonly.


Yeah, I know you probably didn't come here to look at slabs of steak but it was a start!
I didn't realize how pretty meat was until I started taking a liking to rare steak back when I was young because it was always what my dad ate. It's not really that interesting but lets say it lead to my liking of other gore too. I loved the color of blood and the taste of very rare steak, it made me wonder what other kinds of meat looked like.

Eventually, my curiosity shifted. I loved the texture and look of meat, but I wanted to know what it used to be, how it was before it was processed perfectly.
and so I looked it up lol. Being a 5-6 year old looking up raw meat on the internet wasn't a very good start.
I thought this was noticeably "less pretty" than the previous meat, but it was still interesting to me anyways. I soon became less squeamish towards these kinds of images, and later was introduced to creepypasta culture, along with other themes of horror and violence, further becoming more comfortable with the subject.


Happy Tree Friends was somewhere on the youtube front page when I remember seeing it. It might have been around 2010-2011, though, I could be wrong. It really caught my attention because I didn't expect gore from bright characters, and it was something I had never seen before. Despite never being exposed to this kind of violence before, it felt like something I was already used to, and I ended up really enjoying it.
Because I think I was about 6 when I watched Happy Tree Friends, for awhile I was afraid to do normal things because I thought everything that happened in HTF reflected ACTUAL reality. Basically, I thought I was going to die a horrible death for about a week or so until, of course, I realized that Happy Tree Friends wasn't real and that cartoons didn't reflect reality at all, and were usually exaggerated. Once I knew the difference between fiction and reality, I began to like violence a lot more and got myself used to seeing more extreme exaggerated/cartoon violence.


I was introduced to the saw movies around 2012-2013, but remembered seeing bits of it before then. Something happened when I watched it though...
I loved it.
I didn't get obsessed with it and I actually forgot about it for a long time, until recently. I remembered that it was a big part of why I even liked gore in the first place.